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My 2010 Colorado Elk Hunt

October 20, 2010.

I'm back from my 2010 Colorado 1st Rifle Elk hunt, and feel confident that I have successfully defended my title as Colorado's Worst Elk Hunter.

I was hunting some private land near Evergreen, CO. Although I was in good elk country, there were simply no elk on the land I had access to.

I saw zero elk (and zero deer) in two and a half days. My prospects showed no sign of improving, so I cut the trip short so that I could shift my focus to my Wyoming Unit 90 deer hunt, the season for which is also open right now.

This kind of decision is self-limiting — I obviously can't shoot an elk if I withdraw from the field — but I'm confident it was the right call in this case. There were just no elk where I was hunting, and I didn't have the time to develop an entirely new hunting strategy on different ground.

Hopefully the extra time I can spend on the deer hunt will validate my decision to cut losses on the elk hunt.


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