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The Return of the Winchester Model 94

March 10, 2010

Winchester Repeating Arms has announced the return of the Model 1894 lever action rifle — also known as the Model 94 — to its line of firearms for 2010.

This reintroduction of the most popular hunting rifle in history will be offered in two Limited Edition models that will commemorate the 200th anniversary of Oliver F. Winchester’s birth in New England in 1810. A Model 1894 Custom Grade and Model 1894 High Grade will be offered in 30-30 Winchester caliber.

Standard production runs of field grade guns have not been announced for 2010.

The Model 1894 began at the workbench of John M. Browning and was the first sporting rifle to use smokeless powder. It has been said that the Model 1894 has taken more deer than any other rifle in the world, and with over six million sold, has become by far, the most popular rifle in history.

Model 1894 Custom Grade. Only 500 Custom Grade rifles will be offered, and all of these are in sets with the High Grade model.

Winchester Model 94 Custom Grade

This rifle will have a 24” half-round, half-round octagon deeply-blued barrel and will be chambered in 30-30 Winchester.

A buckhorn rear sight is matched with a Marble’s® gold bead front sight.

Receiver engraving on the new Model 1894 Custom Grade

The Custom Grade model has Grade IV/V walnut with a high gloss finish. Deep scroll engraving covers both sides of the blued receiver. An early Winchester Repeating Arms crest graces the left side of the receiver, with the right side bearing the words, “Two Hundred Years, Oliver F. Winchester,” and the dates “1810 – 2010”, in gold.

The barrel is deeply polished, with the signature of Oliver F. Winchester in gold on the top of the bolt. “One of Five Hundred” is inscribed in gold on the barrel of the Custom Grade rifle.

Model 1894 High Grade. The Winchester Model 1894 High Grade also honors and commemorates the 200th anniversary of Oliver Fisher Winchester’s birth. This model is deeply embellished with delicate scroll work, with Oliver F. Winchester’s signature in gold on top of the bolt.

Winchester Model 94 High Grade

The left side of the receiver bears an early Winchester Repeating Arms crest. On the right side are the words, “Two Hundred Years, Oliver F. Winchester,” and the dates, “1810—2010.”

The fancy Grade II/III walnut stock has a high gloss finish and is delicately checkered, complementing the fine embellishments on the silver nitride receiver.

The High Grade model is also chambered in the timeless 30-30 Winchester caliber with a deeply blued half-round, half octagon barrel. A buckhorn rear sight is fitted with a Marble’s gold bead front sight.

Engraving on the Model 1894 High Grade

500 of the High Grade model will be sold as a set with the Custom Grade. The remaining limited quantities will be sold individually.

Availability of these two commemorative rifles is expected in the 2nd quarter of 2010.

Both models have 8 round magazine capacity, 42” overall length, 10” rate of twist with average weight at 8 lbs.

The Model 1894 Custom Grade rifle has a Suggested Retail of $1,959.00. The Model 1984 High Grade rifle Suggested Retail is $1,469.00.

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