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Nebraska Firearms Deer Season Update

November 17, 2010.

I'm home from Nebraska, empty handed.

I had high hopes for this year. Last year's late corn harvest gave bucks a chance to hide and survive until this year — while this year's excellent progress on the corn harvest should have put those bucks in front of hunters. The rut is getting going, and the weather was seasonally cool.

I saw a fair number of does and several fork-horned bucks, but, unfortunately, I saw no mature bucks. Two of the forkies I saw were chasing a hot doe, so the rut does seem to be kicking in.

I only had opening weekend to hunt. Perhaps things will pick up later in the season.

One note of interest — I saw a spotted fawn on saturday night, the only time I've ever seen a fawn carry its spots so late. Another hunter on the same farm got a really good trailcam photo of the same fawn right below his tree stand and was kind enough to share (click to enlarge):

A spotted fawn in November



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