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New Mexico Draw Results Available

June 9, 2010

The good news is that draw results for New Mexico deer, elk, sheep, antelope, and ibex are available -- they were posted online at 12:01am MT today.

The bad news is that if this is the first you've heard about the results, you probably didn't draw.

Successul applicants were notified that they drew on the evening of June 8. Emails went out from the Game and Fish at around 5:00pm MT.

I know this because I actually drew something for a change!

It's "just" an antelope tag, but quality should be pretty good and the dates are great for breaking up my fall -- August 21-23, a great early-season hunt to start the year off. And my first time hunting antelope in New Mexico.

Check your results at:

You can check out my complete list of applications on the Hunt The West homepage.

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