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150,000 Hunters Apply for New Mexico Licenses

April 19, 2010.

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish received about 150,000 applications for 62,475 licenses in this year's drawing for deer, elk, antelope, ibex, javelina, bighorn, and Barbary sheep hunts. Many applicants swarmed the Department Web site April 7, pushing the deadline all the way to the 5 p.m. cutoff.

The Web site held its own, barely breaking stride despite the pressure of more than 56,000 visits in the two days before the deadline. The site averages about 7,000 visits a day. The Department also expects about 39,000 paper applications, which had to be postmarked by April 7 to meet the deadline.

The drawing for the 2010-2011 licenses will be in June, and hunters can check their results in mid-June by logging on to their account at


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