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Nevada to Set Big Game Quotas on May 15

May 11, 2010.

From the Nevada Department of Wildlife:

The Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners will meet at the Nevada Department of Wildlife in Reno on May 14 and 15 to set the 2010 big game tag quotas, review proposed regulations affecting junior hunt eligibility and consider establishment of a new apprentice hunting license.

In addition the Commission will present the 2009 Wayne E. Kirch Conservation Award, determine which 2011 Wildlife Heritage Trust proposals to fund with the $447,318 that is available and select vendors to auction next year’s Wildlife Heritage Trust Fund tags.

The big game quotas establish how many hunting tags are to be issued for each species. Each year Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) biologists recommend the quotas for each big game species. The Commission uses these recommendations as well as input from the County Advisory Boards to Manage Wildlife and the public to set the quotas for the year.

This year, NDOW biologists are recommending an increase in the quotas for every single antlered mule deer hunt. NDOW is recommending that Hunt 1331 — a resident, any-legal-weapon, antlered mule deer hunt — be increased from 8,526 tags in 2009 to 9,451 tags in 2010. This is a recommended increase of 925 tags.

"In spite of some fairly difficult winter periods with cold temperatures and significant snow accumulation in many parts of the state, Nevada’s mule deer still did better in terms of survival with more fawns surviving the 2009 - 2010 winter than last year," said Larry Gilbertson, Game Division chief.

"This stronger fawn recruitment resulted in stabilization and increases in the population of most herds. This in turn, provides an opportunity for the Department to recommend an increase in deer tags in many areas for the 2010 season."

Big game quotas will be reviewed by the Wildlife Commission on day two of the meeting, Saturday, May 15.

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