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The Best Place to Buy BLM Maps to Plan Your Western Hunt

July 22, 2010.

I recently drew tags for two really solid public land hunts in Wyoming — one for mule deer in Unit 90, the other for antelope in Unit 61.

As the first step in planning public land hunts like these, I always want BLM and Forest Service maps that show me where public land boundaries are.

When I want maps like this, I always go to the Map Center of the Public Lands Information Center (PLIC).

The PLIC Map Center website is very
hunter-friendly. Click to Enlarge.

Public Lands Interpretive Association initiated the Public Lands Information Center project, with grants from the Forest Service and BLM, in response to demand for a single source of information about recreation and land use on all public lands in a state, regardless of managing agency.

The PLIC Map Center is very hunter-friendly!

For each western state, you can access an online map that shows hunting areas. When you click on a hunting area (or pick your hunting area from a dropdown), you are shown the list of applicable BLM maps.

For my upcoming hunts, it only took me a few clicks to have all the BLM maps I needed heading my way.

I use the PLIC Map Center every time I am planning a public land hunt, and shipping is always very prompt.

Visit for yourself at

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