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Buying a Wall Tent

April 13, 2010.

One of the iconic images of hunting in the West is the classic white canvas wall tent, with it's straight sides, ample head room and floor space, and -- most importantly -- its warm woodburning stove.

If you've ever priced a new one though, visualization is as far as you may have gotten. A new wall tent, equipped with essentials such as an internal frame and a stove, gets pretty spendy pretty quickly. As the price tag approaches $2K, your enthusiasm to own one may fade.

I've always wanted one, but could never justify the expense.

But it occurred to me that a wall tent is something I'd rarely use alone, and before you know it a group of 5 guys had come together to chip in on one.

Then, we shifted our attention from buying a new tent to buying a gently-used one, and suddenly a wall tent became very affordable.

If you watch Craigslist for a while, it's pretty easy to find a nice tent that was used once for a big dream-trip for elk, then ended up taking up space in some guy's garage.

Between buying a used tent and splitting the cost over multiple guys, the individual cost of owning a 12' x 17' Montana Canvas wall tent with an internal frame and a 3-Dog woodburning stove dropped to about $250.

Our particular tent is like new, having only been used for a single week-long September elk hunt in 2009.

4 of the 5 new owners took it on a shake-down trip this past weekend. Yes, they are as awesome to camp in as you always thought they would be.

Its inaugural hunting trip will probably be around early October of 2010, when 4 of the 5 owners will take it antelope hunting in Wyoming. I don't think I'll get around using it until some of my 2010 late season hunts -- the warmth from the woodburning stove will make it worth the wait come December.


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