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Sheep Conservation Organizations End Pissing Contest

November 10, 2010.

The long, bitter, costly, unproductive battle between Grand Slam Club / Ovis (GSCO) and the Wild Sheep Foundation (formerly the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, or FNAWS) appears to be over.

The split in the sheep hunting fraternity was largely over the use of the phrase "Grand Slam," over which GSCO asserted legal ownership. (See our previous update for more background.)

The two organizations jointly issued the following press release on November 9th, with an appropriate closing call to "Let the healing begin":

It is with great pleasure that Grand Slam Club/Ovis (GSCO) and Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) jointly announce that a settlement agreement has been reached, signed and executed on November 2, 2010. This agreement heads off any further appeals of the long-standing legal proceedings between the two organizations. The tentative agreement was negotiated by WSF president Gray Thornton and GSCO executive director Dennis Campbell in early October, when Gray came to Birmingham, Alabama expressly for that purpose. After two days of respectful negotiations, Gray boarded his plane for Cody, Wyoming with a realization that a viable tentative agreement had been reached. The WSF board worked in concert with Gray throughout October, while the GSCO board and Dennis worked toward a final agreement. All the details were approved by each board, and as stated, it was signed on November 2.

GSCO and WSF, with this agreement, have pledged to work together as affiliate organizations for the future. It is with extreme optimism that both WSF and GSCO approach the future as being bright for wildlife conservation. This dark chapter in the history of each organization is now finally finished. GSCO and WSF wish to jointly pledge to the big game hunting communities, of which they are a major part, that they will look to the future and not dwell on the past. They jointly ask their respective memberships to honor the spirit of this agreement, which is cooperation and mutual respect.

Let the healing begin.

It's about time.


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