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Deer Hunting Opportunity in Nebraska

October 17, 2011.

Nebraska Game and Parks has annoucnted that deer hunters may now enter into a lottery to gain deer hunting access to Platte River Recreation Access (PRRA) lands in the central Platte River Valley. Thirty-two hunters will be chosen from a random drawing in early November and allowed to hunt deer on designated PRRA lands November 16-20.

Applications, limited to one per person, will be accepted by mail or in person at the Game and Parks Kearney service center through 5 p.m. on Oct. 31. Hunters can apply to hunt three areas but will only receive permission on one area if their name is drawn. Hunters are required to obtain the appropriate deer permit and habitat stamp in order to hunt.

PRRA lands are closed to all access from October 1 to November 15, so scouting would not be possible. More information and a map showing the available areas can supposedly be obtained at (although I couldn't find it) or by calling 308-865-5338 or e-mailing

PRRA lands are lands purchased by the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program for the restoration and maintenance of habitat for three threatened and endangered species in the central Platte River Valley. The PRRA program allows limited access to these properties when access will not disturb these species. More information on the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program can be found at


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