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South Dakota Proposes 2011 Deer Seasons

May 16, 2011.

The South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Commission is proposing to reduce the number of licenses for the coming West River Deer Season. If approved at the Commission’s June meeting, the number of one-tag licenses would increase by 65, but two-tag licenses would decline by 1,615 and three-tag licenses would decline by 70 from the 2010 season.

The Commission also is proposing three limited-access units to the West River Deer Season. "The proposed changes are in response to hunters comments regarding hunting pressure in these areas and their wish to have areas offering a quality hunting experience," said GFP Wildlife Division Director Tony Leif (LYF)

"We sent emails to all hunters who have applied for deer licenses during the West River season in Harding, Perkins and Fall River counties asking for their input on this issue, and many hunters said they would like to have the opportunity to hunt public land with limited access, even if it meant they would draw that unit less often," Leif added.

The main portion of the West River Deer season runs from Nov. 12-27.

The proposed Black Hills Deer Season will run from Nov 1-30, 2011. A proposed change from 2010 would reduce licenses by 500 resident and 40 nonresident "any whitetail" licenses; 100 resident and eight nonresident "antlerless" licenses; and 200 resident and 16 nonresident "antlerless whitetail" licenses.

The GFP Commission also proposed changes that would increase nonresident big-game license fees by $90, to $280 for a one-tag license, $330 for a two- or three-tag license, in addition to the $5 surcharge fee mandated by state law. That would include deer and antelope tags that include a license allowing for the taking of a buck.

I had been working towards a Black Hills whitetail hunt in 2011, but now that my schedule is falling in to place, I'm not sure if I'll be able to fit it in.


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