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Hoov's 2007 Gun Battery

I'll have a mixed year in 2007, with 4 rifle tags and 1 muzzleloader tag. I've spent a few weekends at the range, and have settled in on my battery for 2007.

The season will kick off with my Colorado muzzleloader elk hunt. By law, legal muzzleloading firearms in Colorado must have iron sites, cannot use pelletized powder, and cannot use sabots. These are not burdensome restrictions. I'll be using my only muzzleloader -- a Thompson Center Black Diamond. This is a relatively affordable ($200) 50 caliber inline that sports a 24" barrel. I put a peep sight on it a year or two ago, and this easily allows me to shoot groups in the 4" range at 100 yards. Not too bad for iron sights. I use 100 grains of Triple 7 (far easier to use than Pyrodex) and a 295 grain Powerbelt.

For my Wyoming antelope, New Mexico coues deer, and Nebraska whitetail hunts, I'll be using my new 7mm-08. The rifle is a great little Remington 700 Mountain Rifle LSS, which consists of a laminated wood stock and a stainless barrel and action. Very pretty gun. Very functional, too. Weighs in at 7 pounds 4 ounces scoped, and shoots 0.5" groups with a 140 grain Hornady Interlock load that I am getting from Larry at Superior Ammo. This is a relatively trim and petite short-action rifle. To keep things in proportion, I put a Leopold VariX-III 2.5-8x 36mm scope on it. All in all, a nice little rig that I'm excited to break in.

Hoov's 300 WinMag

For my Colorado mulie hunt, I'll be using my .300 WinMag (see photo to left). This is a custom job built for me by High-Tech Customs on a Remington 700 titanium action. It has a 24" Lilja stainless barrel with a #2 contour, a Borden Rimrock synthetic stock painted by Bansner's, and a 3-position safety. Scoped with a Leopold VariX-III 3.5-10x 40mm scope, it weighs in at 7 pounds 2 ounces. Being as light as it is, it does have a noticeable kick. It's manageable, but kind of a wild ride to shoot. It's an absolute pleasure to carry and points beautifully, and has been turning in 0.7" groups with a 180 grain Barnes TSX load from Superior Ammo.

All of the bullets I'll be shooting this year are new to me, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they perform. Previously I've had great success with Nosler partitions, but wasn't getting the accuracy out of them that I was looking for.