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More Bear Problems in Colorado Don't Translate to More Hunting Opportunities

The news in Colorado has included frequent coverage during the last few weeks on the increase in bear problems on the Western Slope. Although this may peak the interest of would-be bear hunters, taking a bear, even during a period of high activity, is still a long shot.

2006 success rates on bears in Colorado were 5.6%. This includes results from both the dedicated limited-draw September season, and the over-the-counter licenses available to elk and deer hunters who are interested in trying to take a bear as a target of opportunity.

Despite the low odds, I am still toying with the idea of picking up a muzzleloader bear tag to have along on my muzzleloader elk hunt coming up on September 8th.

Colorado bear tags are $41 for residents, and $251 for non-residents.

The Rocky Mountain News offered coverage of bear problems in the Pitkin County / Aspen area.

The Glenwood Springs Post Independent offered coverage of the overall Colorado bear situation, including comments by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.