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Idaho to Reconsider In-Line Ban?

Just prior to the 2007 season, Idaho Game and Fish revised the definition of an acceptable muzzleloading weapon to prohibit in-line muzzleloaders, telescopic sights, pelletized powder, sabots, and 209 shotgun primers (the ban on 209 primers is, I believe, a first in the West).

While some of these prohibitions exist in other muzzleloader seasons across the West, the ban on in-line muzzleloaders is particularly harsh and would essentially require hunters to buy an entirely new rifle if they want to participate in muzzleloader seasons.

The restrictions will remain in place during the 2007 season, but it appears that the Game and Fish Commission may be willing to reconsider the drastic impact of the ban on in-line muzzleloaders.

The Colorado Game and Fish Commision, under pressure from an organized special interest group of traditional "buck-skinner"-style muzzleloader hunters, enacted a similar ban on in-line muzzleloaders a few years ago. It was repealed after only a year when large numbers of disenfranchised in-line hunters objected to the largely arbitrary restriction.

As one of the Idaho Commissioners noted, "The kind of hammer makes little difference in performance. That just makes it look old."

For complete details, see the IFG press release dated 7/24/2007.