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Noted Colorado Sheep Guide Pleads Guilty

Terry Sandmeier, one of the premier sheep guides in Colorado, pled guilty of having the hunter he was guiding shoot a bighorn sheep illegally. The trophy bighorn was in a closed area within 70 yards of Interstate 70 near Georgetown, CO.

Remarkably, the Colorado Division of Wildlife allowed the hunter who illegally shot the sheep to go on to shoot a second trophy bighorn sheep. The hunter was the holder of the Governor's Tag for sheep, for which he paid $60,000.

My understanding is that Sandmeier will be allowed to continue guiding, although he seemed much less enthusiastic about his business when I spoke to him a few weeks before this news became public. Sandmeier's outfit is called Geneva Park Outfitters.

For complete details, see the CDOW press release dated 5/25/2007.