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California Hunter Experiences Worst Bear Mauling of Year

November 1, 2007.

As Hunt The West subscribers know, 2007 has been an eventful year for encounters between hunters and grizzlies in the northern Rockies.

On Tuesday, October 30, around 9am, a California man hunting near Corwin Springs, Montana experienced what may prove to be the worst bear mauling of the year.

The man was hunting with veteran outfitter Edwin Johnson (Johnson's website is at Johnson left the man alone to wait for elk while he went to assist another client.

While returning from assisting the other client, Johnson heard a shot and subsequently found the mauled hunter. The hunter had been struck hard on the head, and his eyeball was reported to be out of its socket.

The man was able to walk to a nearby logging road where Johnson took him to get medical assistance.

Weather moved in, destroying tracks at the scene of the attack. Officials were still saying they were unsure whether this was a grizzly or black bear attack. Given the severity of the injuries, and given that four other confirmed grizzly attacks have occurred in Park County this hunting season, a grizzly seems likely.

Several Montana news outlets covered the attack, including the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.


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