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Remington's Limited Edition .257 Weatherby Hits the Street Within Two Months

April 11, 2008.

Remington will be offering a Limited Edition run of their Model 700 LSS chambered in .257 Weatherby for 2008. The LSS includes a black laminate stock, a 26-inch stainless barrel, and stainless action.

No big-game cartridge offered by the major manufacturers shoots flatter than the .257 Weatherby. This should make a perfect antelope gun, as well as an excellent open country mule deer rifle.

At 7 5/8 pounds, it's a little hefty for carrying up and down the hills. I may flute the barrel to save a few ounces once I've had a chance to look the gun over.

In the process of calling around to get one on order, I talked to a few dealers. Production is expected to occur in May, with rifles getting to dealers in a mid-May to mid-June timeframe.

They seem popular, so if you want one, get it on order now.

Mine will be wearing a Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14x40mm scope and Talley one-piece mounts. I've got some ammo on order with Superior Ammunition, and will be trying to get the 115 grain Barnes TSX to work for me.

MSRP is $972, but they seem to be going for up to $200 below that.

Remington will also be offering their CDL SF (stainless flutted) in .257 Weatherby this year.

Remington's website has more info on the LSS and CDL SF .

Note: For the latest on the Remington .257 Weatherby offerings, see our July 3rd update.

Full Press Release From Remington:

Pairing the classy Remington® Model 700 LSS (Laminate Stock Stainless) Magnum with a truly classic, high velocity cartridge, the .257 Weatherby Magnum, is a match made in heaven. The Model 700 bolt-action has long been the preferred centerfire rifle of choice by small game, predator and trophy hunters alike and chambering this 40-year veteran with a high performance .25 caliber gives hunters a rugged, hard-hitting rifle ready to tackle most North American game. (Note: The Model 700 LSS Magnum is an exclusive firearm offering available only from select wholesalers through independent Remington Premier dealers).

At the core of this rifle is the rigid Model 700 receiver, machined from a solid steel bar. This, combined with the famous “three-rings-of-steel” design which completely surrounds the cartridge head, makes the Model 700 one of the strongest and most accurate rifles available. With this solid construction and advanced design, the Model 700 has earned a reputation for its out-of-the-box accuracy.

The action is fitted in a gorgeous, semi-gloss black laminate stock that is impervious to weather and wears our patented SuperCell™ Recoil Pad. Millions of advanced polymer SuperCells absorb more of the recoil force over a longer period of time and “felt recoil” is effectively lessened. Our new X-Mark Pro™ trigger is standard and delivers crisp, perfect trigger pulls with virtually zero creep and is adjustable for pull weight by an authorized gunsmith. A weather-resistant, satin-finished 416 stainless steel action with jeweled bolt is paired with a 26-inch clean stainless steel barrel to complete this handsome rifle. The hinged floorplate magazine has a four round capacity; receiver is drilled and tapped; and sling swivel studs complete this well-designed package.

Partner this high performance, bolt-action centerfire rifle with our newly introduced .257 Weatherby Magnum 115 gr Core-Lokt™ offering and you will be ready to bring home that next trophy animal.

Remington Model 700
Model 700 LSS Magnum
Action Bolt/Magnum
BBL Length 26 Inches
Overall Length 46 1/2 inches
Average Weight 7 5/8 lbs.
Stock Material Black Laminate
Stock Finish Semi-Gloss
BBL Material 416 Stainless Steel
BBL Finish Satin Stainless

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