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Arizona Proposes Some Over-The-Counter Elk Tags Again For 2009

December 2, 2008.

From the Arizona Game and Fish Department:

As part of the 2009 elk hunt recommendation package, the Arizona Game and Fish Department is proposing to once again offer elk over-the-counter nonpermit general and archery tags for certain areas—but with some minor changes to season dates, hunt areas and boundary descriptions from 2008.

Hunters are advised to wait until after the final 2009 Pronghorn Antelope and Elk regulations have been posted at, in mid to late December 2008, so you can review the regulations before purchasing one of these tags.

The department’s recommended season dates and hunting areas for 2009 won’t be finalized until the Arizona Game and Fish Commission gives approval at its meeting on Dec. 6, 2008. If the commission approves the recommendations, maps of authorized hunting boundaries, allowed weapon types and season dates will be posted in PDF format on the department’s Web site to let interested hunters assess if this opportunity meets their needs.

Over-the-counter elk nonpermit-tags are for very specific and limited locations where the Arizona Game and Fish Department is attempting to create areas with few or no resident elk. These areas were identified through public process as places where elk did not occur historically and their continued occupation could negatively impact other wildlife or land uses.

Elk numbers in these hunt areas are low; therefore, hunt success is expected to be low. However, these hunts have proven to be popular, as they afford the opportunity to hunt with friends, which hasn’t always been possible because of the difficulty in getting drawn for draw hunts.

Over-the-counter elk nonpermit-tags will be available for sale at department offices and at license dealers throughout the state. For the latest details, visit, and click on “Over the Counter Elk Tags” under “In the Spotlight.”


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