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Arizona 2009: Buy Your License Now to Get Ready for 2009 Applications

December 23, 2008.

Applications for 2009 Arizona hunting licenses are now available. 

After firing its online license software vendor in the middle of the 2007 season, Arizona Game and Fish still has not reinstated online applications.  You can access the application form online, but will have to print it out and mail it in.

The form is available at:

A non-refundable $151 hunting license is needed if you want to apply for Arizona's many excellent big game opportunities, including antelope, mule and coues deer, elk, and desert sheep.  The license is required even if you just want to build bonus points.

If you don't buy a license in advance, you'll have to remit the $151 fee with each application you submit.  All but one of the $151 charges will be refunded, but it's a lot easier if you just buy your license up front.

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