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Arizona 2009: Still No Online Application System

December 23, 2008.

For the 2009 hunting season, Arizona will remain the only western state that does not support online big game applications. Depending on how many species you apply for, the cost that this puts on sportsmen can be rather staggering.

Arizona once had an online application system — and it always worked well for me — but suspended it during the middle of the 2007 application period for vague reasons related to "concerns [whether] its online service provider could adequately perform under its contract."

When Arizona had a working online system, hunters only needed to front the application fee when applying ($7.50 per species).

Now that they support a paper-only system, hunters must front the full tag fee when applying. For hunters that apply a fairly full range of Arizona species (deer, elk, antelope, sheep, bull bison), this means tying up an additional $8,172.50 at non-resident rates — not including the cost of the $151 non-resident license that is required to apply.

If you're not wallowing in that much cash (and who is this economy?), consider applying for points-only for just $7.50 per species so that you'll be positioned to start applying for tags again when (and if) Arizona gets an online system back in place.

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