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Arizona Desert Sheep Tag Goes For $137,500

February 16, 2008.

From Dave McCasland, President of the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society:

An Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep tag, for the Mexicana subspecies of desert bighorn, was auctioned off February 8, 2008 at the Wild Sheep Foundation convention being held in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This event is one of the largest gatherings of bighorn sheep enthusiasts and conservationists in the country.  The auction tag sold for $137,500. 

Proceeds for this tag go into a special Bighorn Sheep Tag Fund maintained by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.  The Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society assists with prioritizing where these proceeds are used for water development projects, bighorn sheep captures/transplants, and special studies specifically related to increasing bighorn sheep populations in the state of Arizona. 

A separate Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep tag will be auctioned off at the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society's fundraising banquet on March 1, in Phoenix, Arizona (more info below).   In 2007 a new pending state record Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep was harvested scoring in excess of 194 points, placing it in the upper 10% of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep ever harvested in North America.  

We are hopeful that word of this growing and thriving population of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, along with the world class potential of this herd will reach the eyes of individuals seeking a record class sheep.  Proceeds from this tag are used for bighorn sheep conservation in the state too.

In July 2008, at Desert sheep tag, of the Nelsoni subspecies, will be raffled off as part of the Arizona Big Game Super Raffle.  Last year this tag brought in over $140,000 to be used for bighorn sheep conservation in the state.  This raffle is open to anyone interested in buying a ticket, whether you have taken a desert bighorn sheep in the state of Arizona or not.  Of the three tags used for raising funds to support bighorn sheep conservation in the state, this is the only tag at this time, that is a raffle tag.  This gives everyone an opportunity to contribute to bighorn sheep conservation in the state of Arizona and have a chance to acquire a tag to hunt a desert bighorn.

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