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News on the Arizona Big Game Draws

November 7, 2007

The draw for Arizona's spring 2008 hunts (turkey, javelina, bison, and bear) was completed on November 6. Results are available at:

As usual, Arizona beat their deadline for completing the draw. The deadline had been set at November 16.

Due to the ongoing problems Arizona had with their online application vendor, no online application service was available for the Spring draw.

Yesterday, Arizona Game and Fish announced that online apps would not be available for the fall draw either. This means that to apply, you'll need to complete paper applications and send them in, along with full permit fees, by US Mail.

If you apply for sheep, elk, antelope, and deer, this will get very expensive in terms of the money you have to shell out up front.

Regulations for the fall 2008 seasons should be posted around "mid-Dec. 2007."

The press release from Arizona Game and Fish is available at: