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2008 Colorado Big Game Applications Available

February 8, 2008.

Applications for Colorado's 2008 big game season are now available on the website of the Colorado Division of Wildlife. The Big Game booklet includes information for deer, elk, moose, bear, and pronghorn seasons.

As always, Sheep and Goat regulations will be issued separately.

Key changes include for 2008 include:

  • License fees for does have been reduced in units 11, 12, 13, 22, 23, 24, 131, 211 and 231.
  • The use of muzzleloading rifles with electronic ignition systems has been banned during muzzleloading seasons. See our related coverage for more information.
  • An additional regulation has been added related to electronic-ignition muzzleloaders: "It is illegal for anyone to have a loaded electronic-ignition muzzleloader in or on a motor vehicle unless the chamber is unloaded or the battery is disconnected and removed from its compartment."
  • Most Ranching For Wildlife licenses (available to residents only) are now limited to one per year. This does not apply to special population management, youth, mobility impaired, and donation RFW licenses.
  • More Private-Land-Only bear licenses will be offered this year to help manage populations in specific problem areas.
  • Bear heads and hides must now be unfrozen when presented for inspection. At inspection, the DOW is authorized to extract and keep a premolar tooth.
  • More hunts will be offered for white-tailed deer this year in eastern Colorado.
  • Transport restrictions for hunters who harvest animals in CWD units have been eliminated.
  • An electronic version of the Big Game brochure is available on the CDOW's website.

    Applications are due April 1.

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