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Update: Colorado 1st and 2nd Rifle Seasons Appear Slow

October 22, 2008.

When I stopped by the Colorado Division of Wildlife's main office yesterday to swap out a deer tag, I made a swing by the shed where you can drop off the heads of your deer and elk for CWD testing.

The techs working there reported slow action during both the 1st rifle and ongoing 2nd rifle seasons. 1st rifle season ran October 11-15, elk only. 2nd rifle season runs October 18-26 for both deer and elk.

Part of the slow action at the CWD testing station seems to be a general decrease in concern over CWD. But part of it also seems to be attributable to modest hunter success rates. The warm, sunny weather has been taking most of the blame. A cold front has moved through the state, however, so that may shake things up.

If you have a 3rd or 4th season tag, it sounds like there are still plenty of bucks and bulls left for you.


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