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Field Report: Colorado Bugle Fizzles in Warm Weather

September 14, 2007. The warm weather that has stabilized over the Colorado Rockies seems to have put an end to the bugle. After taking a day off hunting on monday, I returned to the mountains near Buena Vista to get back to looking for bull elk. Unfortunately, the bugling had completely ceased.

There's elk up there somewhere.

My partner and I found fresh elk sign scattered from 10,000 feet all the way up to 12,000 feet, but were not able to find any concentrations of elk activity. With so much range available for them to use, we found it very difficult to get on them.

We did bump scattered herds of cows, but have not seen any bulls since saturday. Although you would think breeding would be in full swing, the bulls and the cows do not seem to be hanging out together.

Other hunters we talked to in the field were also coming up blank.

Saw lots of bear sign up at timberline, but not as fresh as we had been seeing. One Pennsylvania bowhunter that I spoke with reported seeing a big black bear outside of his hotel in town.

Heading back out saturday and sunday for one last try. Colorado's muzzleloader elk season continues through Sunday, September 16.