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Colorado 2008 Deer and Elk Forecast

October 8, 2008.

According to Big Game Coordinator Bruce Watkins, Colorado's post-hunt populations stand at 290,000 elk and 535,000 deer statewide, and the prospects for the fall hunt are again very good.

Statewide, there are 26 bulls per 100 cows. Of those bulls, 13-15 are spikes or yearlings; the remainder are branch-antlered bulls that made it through the hunting season. That “is a pretty good post-hunt, bull-cow ratio,” Watkins said. “We’re carrying a fair number of older age-class bulls through the hunting season.”

Find out where elk hot spots are and deer and pronghorn outlooks in the full article written by Dale Lashnits and published in the "Colorado Outdoors" magazine's 2008 Hunting Guide.

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