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Field Report: Colorado Geese

December 30, 2007.

With the holidays past and with hundreds of geese continually buzzing the metro Denver area, I finally got motivated to make time for my first goose hunt of the season.

Hunt The West pro-staffer Paul Vanderspek and I hunted along Colorado's I-76 corridor near Prewitt Reservoir. Temperatures were brutally cold, about seven below zero, and there were about 8 inches of snow on the ground.

There were very, very few birds flying. We saw a grand total of zero ducks and six geese. The good news is that the geese were pretty lonely, and ready to work the decoys. We bagged 3 (2 greaters and 1 lesser) over a spread of about 3 dozen magnum shells and 1 dozen silhouettes.

HTW pro-staffer Paul Vanderspek with the day's bag

When the local conservation officer stopped to check our licenses, he told us the reservoir had froze up about 3 weeks ago, and the recent cold snaps had finally pushed the birds out of the area.

Goose hunting in the Prewitt Reservoir area seems to be over for the year, although some duck hunters we met reported seeing some huge flocks of mallards — but they seemed to be holed up in areas where hunting wasn't allowed.


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