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No Late Hunts Planned in Colorado

December 8, 2008.

On Saturday, December 6, the Denver Post ran a brief piece noting that there will not be any special seasons this winter to accomodate for low harvest rates during the general seasons.

Despite the overwhelming notion that Colorado's big-game harvest lagged considerably behind expectations, don't expect any extensive postseason hunts to make up the difference.

"Considering all the complaints about hunters not finding elk," I don't think so," said Rick Kahn, state big-game manager with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. "Whether the animals actually were there or not, we're not making decisions until we complete our aerial surveys."

The agency typically counts deer in December, elk in January to determine definitive posthunt populations — too late to take any widespread action. Kahn noted that DOW already has established a number of late-season license allotments to deal with localized problems involving game damage or associated issues.

"We haven't authorized any widespread late seasons in years. I can't see us doing it now," Kahn said.

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