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CDOW Draw Results Site Still Down, But Moose Draw Complete

May 20, 2008.

The CDOW website functionality for checking your draw results is still down, as it has been for the past week. It's been down so long that they have had time to install a new error message:

As a result of the outage, the moose draw results, which were scheduled to be available online May 15th, are still not available.

However, the draw is complete. And while the CDOW is having trouble making information available online, they are getting out refund checks very rapidly. If you haven't already, you should be recieving your moose draw results any day now by US mail (my refund check arrived on friday, May 6).

The next draw results (antelope) are scheduled to be posted May 30. Hopefully, the site will be functioning again by then.

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