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More Moose Coming To Colorado

July 31, 2008.

From the Colorado Division of Wildlife:

On July 15 the Colorado Division of Wildlife recently started a new phase of its moose program with the release of a two-year-old bull moose in a remote area south of Gunnison.
The moose was transplanted from Utah where there is an abundance of the species in the northern part of the state near Ogden.
The DOW plans to release up to 30 moose on the north edge of the La Garita Wilderness area in Game Management Unit 67 to supplement the small population that exists in the area now. The area contains very good moose habitat. The moose will be released as they become available from Utah. The transfers will continue until the target number is reached.
Wildlife officers in Utah notify the DOW after they've captured animals that have wandered out of the mountains into subdivisions or other inappropriate areas. On a moment's notice, DOW officers drive to Price, Utah, to load the animals and transport them in a horse trailer to Gunnison.
All translocated Moose will receive two green ear tags. The cow moose will also be fitted with radio telemetry collars to allow the DOW to track the animals' movements and to determine if they are reproducing.
The DOW wants to hear from anyone who spots one of these moose in the area. People who see a moose are asked to record as much information about the sighting as possible: location, type of habitat, ear tag numbers, number of animals, if the animal has a radio collar, time of day, date, pictures and any other relevant information. Report any sightings to the DOW office in Gunnison at (970)641-7061, or send an e-mail to
The DOW is also working with the U.S. Forest Service to evaluate moose habitat in the Taylor Park area northeast of Gunnison. About 20 moose live in that area now and wildlife managers want to determine if the area could support more animals. A public process will be initiated in the future to gather input and provide information on habitat analysis and possible management plan objectives.
The release of the moose will eventually provide more hunting and wildlife viewing opportunity for the public.
The DOW estimates there are about 1,800 moose in Colorado. Since the late 1970s the DOW has transplanted moose in North Park, in the upper Rio Grande Drainage and on the Grand Mesa.

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