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Field Report: Colorado Bucks Elusive, Does Everywhere

2-point hanging out with a herd of does

September 16, 2007.
During 5 days of elk hunting spread out over the last 9 days on National Forest land near Buena Vista, Colorado, my partner and I saw does and fawns everywhere, but did not see a buck on public land.

We hunted from 10,000 feet all the way up to 12,000 feet, and glassed the alpine higher than that, but never saw a buck. The only buck sign we saw was moderately fresh rubs on smaller trees.

We bumped in to does and fawns every day, on the other hand.

We did see one buck on private land, a 4-point around 9500 feet. For Buena Vista, this is not a lot of buck sightings.

In the Denver foothills where I live (about 7500 feet), bucks have also been very scarce. I haven't seen mature bucks for many weeks. Does and fawns have been in larger groups for some reason, and immature bucks have been mixed in with the does and fawns.

I took this photo of a 2-point last night. He was with a spike, 3 does, and about 5 fawns.

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