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Thanksgiving Day: Peak of the Colorado Rut

December 1, 2008.

On Thanksgiving Day, at my home in the foothills above Denver (elevation 7200 feet), the rut was full-on. Everywhere I looked, there were bucks aggressively tending does.

This 4x4 who had busted off one of his front forks was diligently following a doe at 1:00pm. Photo taken from my dining room window.


Not exactly sure why he pinched his legs together like this:

About 2 minutes later, his efforts seemed like they were going to pay off (I moved to my deck to get these photos) :

But that only lasted about 2 seconds. But he stuck with it:

He tried again:

But that one didn't take either. He chased that doe around my yard for the rest of the afternoon and in to the next morning.

After I took the series of photos of the 4x4, my wife and daughter and I went for a walk. A 3x3 with a busted-off tine and an injured eye was tending another doe, but I didn't have the camera.

After we finished our walk, I grabbed my camera and went back up the road. I couldn't find the 3x3, but even this little 2x2 had his own herd of does:

There were so many does in heat that every buck in the neighborhood seemed to be doing well.

The action continued through the rest of the holiday weekend, but Thanksgiving Day seemed to be the clear peak.

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