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Field Report: Colorado Deer and Elk Still Carrying Horns, Turkeys Gobbling

April 8, 2008.

When I was out with the dogs this morning before sun-up, I could hear a group of cow elk across the road in my neighbor's pasture. I could also distinctly hear two bulls sparring. Colorado elk in the Denver foothills are still carrying their horns, and they're on solid enough to spar.

About a week ago, a friend in the Parker area took a photo of a mulie buck that was raiding his bird feeder, still carrying horns.

Colorado deer and elk in the Denver foothills routinely carry their horns through April Fools day, but should be losing them any day now.

Meanwhile, turkeys in the foothills are starting to gobble. Heading out for a hike near my house about a week ago, I heard a tom gobbling pretty enthusiastically before coming off roost in the morning. This was at about 7200 feet.

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