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Win One Of The Greatest Tags in The West: Colorado Sheep and Mountain Goat

February 14, 2008.

Every year, the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society sponsors a raffle for a Colorado Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep tag and a Colorado Rocky Mountain Goat tag.

Colorado has excellent trophy quality and great numbers for both species, as well as several great outfitters to help you find them.

Rules for the raffle and the winning license are attractive:

  • License can be used during any and all open seasons in an open area.
  • Winning license is valid in any hunting area in Colorado, provided the season is open and you hunt by the method specified for that area (for example, archery equipment during an archery-only season).
  • Tickets are $25 each and you may purchase a maximum of 25 tickets for each raffle. The limit on the number of tickets sold keeps this raffle sporting.
  • There are extended season dates for the winners of these raffle tags, who can hunt until December 31, 2008.

In 2007, 2,760 sheep tickets were sold and 751 goat tickets were sold. Buying tickets in 2008 will let you help out a good cause, get surprisingly good odds, and avoid having to accumulate years of preference points that would otherwise be required to have a shot at tags like this.

When you consider that draw odds in some of Colorado's premier sheep units can approach 1 in 500 (if you've been applying for less than 10 years and don't have maximum bonus points), buying a few tickets quickly becomes an attractive proposition.

With the smaller number of goat tickets sold, and considering the quality of goats and the goat hunting experience in Colorado, the goat raffle also becomes very attractive (this is where my raffle dollars go each year).

As part of an additional fundraising effort, the RMBS is also holding limited-entry raffles for Weaver custom rifles and Swarovski optics.

The drawings will be held on April 19th. You do not need to be present to win.

To order tickets and for more information, see the website of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society.

Good luck and thanks for supporting a good cause ....

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