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Field Report: Colorado Second Rifle Season

October 29, 2007.

Colorado's 2nd Combined Rifle season for deer and elk ended on sunday, October 28. My party was in Unit 551 near the area of Gunnison, Colorado.

During the opening weekend, October 21, cold and light snow moved through the area, making for some good tracking.

But, the snow didn't last. After the first few days, the ground was dry and extremely noisy, making hunting the timber almost impossible. And, hordes of road hunters with over-the-counter elk tags drove the deer and elk out of the open and far from the roads. The season ended on less than favorable conditions.

Note that in our area, we found the deer at surprisingly low elevations. A lot of hunters were driving past the deer each morning.

Doe hunters and deer hunters seemed to be doing well, but I didn't see any racks sticking out of the back of pickups. The best elk I saw, by far, was the one that was standing behind my neighborhood Post Office when I came home on sunday.

Going in to the 3rd season (November 3-9), hope for snow to quiet the terrain down. Leave the ATVs at home and plan on getting off the ridges and away from the roads. The animals seem to be holing up in relatively steep, thick draws where the road hunters won't go. With some moisture to wet down the crunchy aspen leaves, the 3rd season should be great.

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