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Repeal of Idaho In-Line Ban on the Agenda for Fish and Game Commission

January 10, 2008.

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission's annual meeting will occur beginning on January 15th.

On January 17th, the Commission will discuss a proposed change to muzzleloader rules that would allow the use of "some inline weapons" during muzzleloader-only seasons. (I am not sure what "some inline weapons" means, but this is how it has been worded on the agenda description.)

Just prior to the 2007 season, Idaho revised the definition of an acceptable muzzleloading weapon to prohibit in-line muzzleloaders, telescopic sights, pelletized powder, sabots, and 209 shotgun primers (the ban on 209 primers is, I believe, a first in the West).

Since the arbitrary ban on in-line muzzloaders, the Commission has been talking a great deal about repealing this measure. As a press release from the Idaho Department of Game and Fish noted, "In-line muzzleloaders have no ballistic or overall range advantage over 'side-lock' muzzleloaders."

Also on the agenda:

  • Proposed rules for upland game birds and animals
  • September seasons for goose and sandhill crane
  • Rules for wild turkey, doves, falconry and furbearers.
  • A ruling on the proposed Idaho Mule Deer Management Plan that would guide mule deer management for the next decade.
  • Action on proposed land acquisitions
  • An update on the proposed Idaho Wolf Population Management Plan

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