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Idaho In-Line Ban Repealed

January 21, 2008.

The bad news is that misguided, unnecessary restrictions can slip past hunters and get on the books. The good news is that such rules can be repealed.

On January 17th, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission repealed one such unnecessary regulation.

Just prior to the 2007 season, Idaho had revised the definition of an acceptable muzzleloading weapon to prohibit in-line muzzleloaders, telescopic sights, pelletized powder, sabots, and 209 shotgun primers (the ban on 209 primers is, I believe, a first in the West).

The unpopular ban on inline muzzleloaders arbitrarily left about half of the state's blackpowder hunters on the sidelines, needing to buy a new weapon before they could hunt.

The Commission unanimously repealed the ban on inlines at their meeting on January 17.

For months prior to last week's decision, the Commission had been signally their willingness to repeal this measure. As a press release from the Idaho Department of Game and Fish noted, "In-line muzzleloaders have no ballistic or overall range advantage over 'side-lock' muzzleloaders."

To maintain the primitive and challenging nature of the hunt, the restrictions on telescopic sights, pelletized powder, sabots, and 209 shotgun primers will remain in place, as they do in many other Western states.

Congratulations to the Idaho Fish and Game Commission for making this move, and congratulations to Idaho hunters.


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