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Kansas Selects Organizations for Auction Permits

January 17, 2008.

Seven Kansas conservation organizations were awarded a 2008 Commission Big Game Permit in a drawing conducted at the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission meeting January 10 in Independence. A total of 113 applications were submitted for the seven available permits.

Winners of the permits include the following:

  • Friends of the NRA, South Central Kansas Chapter (deer permit);
  • Ducks Unlimited, Kansas State Chapter (elk permit);
  • Friends of the NRA, High Plains Chapter (deer permit);
  • Quail Unlimited, Jayhawk Chapter (deer permit);
  • Pheasants Forever, Fort Riley Chapter (deer permit);
  • National Wild Turkey Federation, Concordia Chapter (deer permit); and
  • National Wild Turkey Federation, Columbus Chapter (deer permit).

Commission big game permits were first awarded in 2006. Winners purchase the permits and typically auction them off at their respective conventions and banquets to raise funds for conservation projects. Last year’s seven winners raised $26,973. KDWP received $21,340 of that amount for conservation projects in Kansas.

With transferable nonresident licenses being eliminated in 2008, this may be the only way to ensure that you get the Kansas tag you want....

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