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Lion Hunting in Central Idaho

February 27, 2008.

Hunt The West pro-staffer Kent Bendel returned from his recent lion hunt empty-handed, but did get to look over a treed lion and take some photos from as close as 15 feet.

Kent was hunting with friends in Central Idaho during mid-February.

These same friends, experienced do-it-yourself houndsmen, helped Kent take a Pope & Young lion last year in Idaho.

The taxidermist, however, did a poor job on the life-sized mount, so Kent is back out looking for another lion.

Kent and his buddies cut the track for this lion after finding a mule deer kill. They released 3 dogs and treed the cat after a scuffle.

The lion, a female estimated at around 110 pounds, couldn't stack up to Kent's previous trophy. Not wanting to harvest a small female, they allowed the lion to go.

Even without taking a lion, Kent clearly enjoyed the experience.

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