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Montana Horn and Antler Auction Brings $29,680

April 17, 2008.

From Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks:

About 250 people turned out for FWP’s wildlife auction on Saturday, April 12 at the FWP Headquarters in Kalispell. Many people came just to look, but 129 people registered to bid on the items. Auctioneer Joe Warner took bids from the crowd on the 141 items, and every item was sold.

One trophy bighorn sheep head brought $3,000, the highest price paid for an item at the sale. Another sheep head brought $1,200, while one bidder paid $1,500 for a six-point elk rack. Average elk racks went for several hundred dollars each. Large mule deer and whitetail racks brought up to $300. Small deer racks went for $20-$50. The $29,680 generated from the sale will be deposited directly into the Fish, Wildlife and Parks general license account.

The auction began at 10 a.m. and bidding concluded by 12:15 p.m. The sale included non-perishable wildlife items, mostly the result of confiscations from adjudicated criminal cases. Some of the items were road kills, management kills, or parts found in the wild.

Over the years, FWP has donated numerous wildlife items to schools, museums and for other educational purposes. FWP has not conducted a sale in more than 10 years and storage space was limited. The sales are authorized in state statute. All perishable carcasses suitable for food are donated as they become available to local food banks.

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