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Montana Makes Progress on 2007 Bison Hunt

State wildlife commissioners set quotas and dates for Montana’s 2007 bison hunt, clearing the way for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks to continue towards their revised target date of publishing bison regulations/applications by September 30.

Tag numbers will be significantly reduced from last year, down to 44 in 2007 from 140 in 2006. However, there are provisions to increase the number of tags by up to 100 if there is a significant migration of bison out of Yellowstone Park. It is unclear how these additional tags would be allocated to hunters -- perhaps some sort of wait list will be created during the initial application process?

Draw odds in 2006 were tough, at roughly 1 in 50 (including both either-sex and cow tags in the mix). If a similar number of hunters apply in 2007, we'll be looking at 1 in 150 odds. Still, for the opportunity to take a wild bison, I'm willing to tie up the $750 fee for a few weeks.

The Great Falls Tribune provided coverage on the meeting of the wildlife commision.