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Changes Ahead For Montana Bowhunters

December 21, 2007.

Montana's archery hunters will be facing changes in 2008.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is considering a series of changes intended to reduce crowding, reduce the numbers of non-resident hunters, and increase access to private land by hampering outfitting and leasing businesses.

In hunting districts where rifle hunters must apply for a limited number of permits, archers will also be required to apply for a limited number of permits. Archery permits currently are unlimited in most of those areas. As with all limited permits, nonresidents would be limited to 10 percent of those.

Archery antelope hunters may currently buy a 900-00 permit, which allows them to hunt antelope in any antelope hunting area from August 15 to the end of the season. Under the new proposal, these permits would be limited.

Additionally, season date changes are being considered which would slightly shorten the season. The proposal would open the deer and elk archery season on September 1 and close it October 9 every year.

For more info, including quite a bit of negative reaction to the proposal, see coverage from the Great Falls Tribune.

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