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Montana Unlimited Bighorn District 501-20 Closes

On September 26th, the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission announced that hunting district 501-20, which includes portions of Carbon, Park and Stillwater counties, will be closed to all hunting of bighorn sheep, effective one-half hour after sunset on Thursday, September 27, 2007.

District 501-20 is one of the permit areas in Montana where an unlimited number of over-the-counter bighorn sheep licenses are available for purchase. Montana is the only state in The West to offer over-the-counter bighorn licenses.

The quota for district 501-20 was 3 sheep. The season opened September 15th and was scheduled to close on November 25th.

Montana hunting district 500-20, which also offers unlimited sheep hunting with a harvest quota of 2, closed on September 19th.

Read the Montana Game, Fish and Parks official announcement at:

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