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Montana Unlimited Bighorn District 303 Closes

October 25, 2007.

On October 24th, the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission announced that hunting district 303, which includes portions of Park County, will be closed to all hunting of bighorn sheep, effective one-half hour after sunset on Friday, Oct. 26, 2007.

District 303 is one of the permit areas in Montana where an unlimited number of over-the-counter bighorn sheep licenses are available for purchase. Montana is the only state in The West to offer over-the-counter bighorn licenses.

The quota for district 303 was 2 sheep. The season opened September 15th and was scheduled to close on October 31st, just around the corner.

Hunters filled the quotas in two other unlimited districts earlier this fall.

Montana hunting district 501-20, with a harvest quota of 3, closed on September 27th.

Montana hunting district 500-20, with a harvest quota of 2, closed on September 19th.

Read the Montana Game, Fish and Parks official announcement at:

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