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Montana Bear Hunter Shoots Wolf In Self Defense

May 30, 2008.

From Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks:

A black bear hunter shot and killed a wolf on May 27 five miles north of Olney. Zachary Harms of Kalispell was driving his truck up a forest road when he saw movement on the side of the road. He walked along the road carrying his rifle, thinking that he may have seen a black bear. Two wolves then ran out from the side of the road. The larger wolf ran across the road and up the hillside. The smaller wolf ran down the road directly towards Harms. The wolf closed to approximately 10 feet and Harms fired his rifle, hitting the wolf in the front of the head. The hunter contacted the sheriff’s office later that day and reported that he had killed a wolf.

FWP Warden Chris Crane and Warden Captain Lee Anderson returned to the scene with the hunter to investigate. The wardens found that the evidence was consistent with Harms’ description. Harms said that the wolf was not growling as it ran towards him, but he still felt that the wolf was a threat to his life.

"Based on the evidence, this was a justifiable self-defense shooting as allowed for in state law," said Anderson. Anderson said the wolf was a female that appeared to be in good condition.

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