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Nebraska Firearms Deer Season Opens November 15th, Permits Remain

November 10, 2008.

From the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission:

Permits remain available in many units as the November 15 opening of the 2008 Nebraska firearm deer season nears. The season is November 15-23.

Nebraska saw a record harvest during last year’s firearm season. The state’s deer population is expanding, and, as a result, there have been many complaints of crop damage and deer-vehicle collisions. Hunters who are willing to harvest antlerless deer should find it easier to gain access to private land as landowners seek to diminish crop damage.

Based on the age of deer harvested last year, hunters should have a good opportunity to take trophy whitetail or mule deer bucks this year.

The firearm units that have permits remaining, and the number of permits available as of Nov. 6, are:

Buffalo Whitetail
Calamus East
Calamus West
Frenchman Whitetail
Keya Paha
Loup East
Loup West
Pine Ridge
Platte Whitetail

Also, 18 of 20 Season Choice antlerless units have permits remaining. Eleven of those units have bonus antlerless tags. Season Choice Area permits may be used in any season with the appropriate weapon.

To check the number of all remaining permits, go to

Here are some reminders from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission as the firearm season nears:

Hunters should read the 2008 Nebraska Big Game Guide before purchasing permits. The guide is available where permits are sold, as well as online at

Hunters are reminded to practice tree-stand safety. Inspect the tree stand before leaving home, making sure it is in excellent condition; wear a full-body harness; and use a rope to get equipment into and out of the stand.

Hunters may take advantage of a pilot program of the Commission. The Deer Exchange allows for the transfer of deer meat from hunters to people who want to receive it. Go online to for more information or to sign up for free.

  • Deer hunters with permits that have bonus tags should remember that the tags may be filled in any order. For instance, an archery permit holder may fill the antlerless whitetail tag, then the either-sex tag, or vice versa.
  • Permits may be purchased at Commission permitting offices or online at
  • Call the Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers at 1-800-742-7627 if you see a game law violation.
  • Always get permission before hunting on private land.
  • Consider camping at Nebraska state parklands during the hunt.
  • Be sure of your target. Know your background and take care to not shoot elk by accident.
  • Turkey season will resume Nov. 24. Scout for possible turkey hunting locations while on the deer hunt.


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