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Nebraska Sets 2008 Seasons

March 17, 2008.

Firearm deer season will be November 15-23. See below for more information...

From Nebraska Game Fish and Parks:

Regulations that expand deer-hunting opportunities to an unprecedented level were approved by Nebraska Game and Parks Commissioners at their regular meeting Friday. Season dates were set for big game hunting.

This year’s regulations reflect the Commission’s desire to control the rising deer population in the state, especially white-tailed deer in eastern Nebraska. The regulations also allow mule deer populations to increase in central and southern mule deer units. Complaints of damage caused by deer continue to increase. The issuance of 87,000 bonus antlerless permits should have a significant impact on reducing the whitetail herd.

Highlights of the changes to deer regulations for 2008 are:

  • Season Choice antlerless permits and bonus antlerless permits will be used to increase antlerless harvest in some management units, including Blue Northwest, Blue Southeast, Wahoo, SCA 19, and SCA 20.
  • Four new Season Choice antlerless units have been created in the Calamus and Loup units.
  • Approximately 87,000 bonus antlerless tags – most of them whitetail – will be available. Archery, muzzleloader, youth, and landowner permits will have bonus antlerless tags.
  • There now are two types of landowner permits: resident and nonresident. Each permit is valid for one deer of either sex and one antlerless deer. The season is Sept. 15-Jan. 15 with any legal weapon, provided that the season is open for that weapon type.
  • Youth antlerless season will be Jan. 1-15, 2009.
  • Youth and landowner January seasons are antlerless-only.
  • There are restrictions on mule deer doe harvest to allow the population to increase in southern and eastern mule deer units.
  • Mule deer does will be protected in some public areas of the Pine Ridge, where the population has decreased in recent years. They are Fort Robinson State Park (SP) and wildlife management area (WMA), Peterson WMA, and Solider Creek Wilderness Area.
  • There also were changes in antelope and elk regulations.

    Highlights of the changes to antelope regulations for 2008 are:

  • Landowner permits will be either-sex, so those with too many antelope have the option of taking a doe.
  • Unused North Sioux Unit landowner muzzleloader permits will be converted to North Sioux Unit landowner firearm permits.
  • Fort Robinson SP will be closed to antelope hunting.
  • Highlights of the changes to elk regulations for 2008 are:

  • The Box Elder Unit in southwest Nebraska was expanded from approximately 300 to 17,000 square miles. This allows the Commission to manage elk that have become established in new areas.
  • Either-sex permits have been discontinued and replaced with bull or antlerless permits.
  • A December antlerless-only season has been established to increase antlerless harvest.
  • Following are the 2008 big game season dates:


    Archery – Sept. 15-Nov. 14 and Nov. 24-Dec. 31; Firearm -- Nov. 15-23; Muzzleloader – Dec. 1-31; Youth and Landowner -- Sept. 15-Nov. 14 and Nov. 24-Dec. 31 with bow, Dec. 1-31 with muzzleloader, Nov. 15-23 with firearm, and Jan. 1-15, 2009 with firearm, provided that antlered bucks may not be taken in January; Season Choice – Sept. 15-Nov. 14 and Nov. 24-Dec. 31 with archery equipment; Dec. 1-31 with muzzleloader; Nov. 15-23 and Jan. 1-15, 2009, with firearm; Clear Creek WMA – Oct. 1-31; Boyer Chute -- Oct. 11-12, Nov. 29-30; DeSoto Muzzleloader – Oct. 18-19, Nov. 1-2, Dec. 13-14, and Jan. 3-4, 2009.


    Archery – Aug. 20-Nov. 14 and Nov. 24-Dec. 31, but closed during firearm antelope season in all areas open to firearm antelope hunting; Muzzleloader – Sept. 20-Oct. 5; Firearm – Oct. 11-26.


    Bull Permits – Sept. 27-Oct. 26; Antlerless Permits – Sept. 27-Oct. 26 and Dec. 1-21; Boyd Unit – Aug. 15-Nov. 14 and Nov. 24-Dec. 31.

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