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Nevada Big Game Applications Available

March 18, 2008.

Nevada's big game application booklets are now available on the website of the Nevada Division of Wildlife.

Nevada offers a very wide variety of western big game, including mule deer, elk, antelope, desert sheep, rocky mountain bighorns, california bighorns, and mountain goat.

To apply and build bonus points, you'll need to fork over $142 for a non-refunable non-resident hunting license. This will get you in on the Vegas-like bonus point system, where Nevada squares your bonus points to calculate the number of extra chances you get in the draw.

Once you pay the $142, applications for individual species are affordable -- you do not have to front tag fees.

Some of the key changes for 2008 include:

  • Instead of the preprinted application, hunters who applied online in the past two years will now receive a notification postcard reminding
    them it is time to apply for big game.
  • New this year, hunters will have the option to buy one mountain lion tag during the big game application process.
  • Antelope Archery – Moved to Aug 1 – Aug 20 to accommodate second
    draw applicants (results of draw not available until 3rd week of July).
  • Desert Bighorn – Unit 164 added to Unit 131 to allow hunters to hunt the
    entire Duckwater Hills and northern end of Pancake Range
  • California Bighorn – Unit group 011, 013 closed due to a severe mortality
    event that occurred throughout the herd in early fall 2007.
  • Junior Deer 1107 Hunt – For unit groups that have a split season 1331 hunt,
    the junior hunt was extended through the last day of the Nevada Day weekend
    (Nov 2) except for Units 192, 194, and 196.
  • Junior Deer 1107 and Antlered Deer any legal weapon 1331 Hunt: 081 – season extended through Nov 5; 192 and 194, 196 – early season added, Oct 5 – Oct 20
  • Junior Deer 1107 and Antlered Muzzleloader 1317 Hunt: 192 and 194, 196 – early season added, Sept 10 – Sept 30
  • Junior Deer 1107 and Antlered Deer archery 1341 Hunt
    192 and 194, 196: early season added, Aug 1 – Sept 5
  • Several new wilderness areas were recently designated in mountain ranges
    in Lincoln and White Pine Counties administrated by the Bureau of Land
    Management that affect vehicle use during hunting.

Application deadline is 5pm on April 21. Draw results will be available June 20.

Get your copy of the application booklet here.


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