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Oregon Woman Attacked By Bear

July 3, 2008.

From the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife:

A Sandy-area woman received non-life threatening injuries late Sunday night when she encountered a black bear at her home according to Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife troopers.

On June 29, at approximately 11:00 p.m., the 58-year old woman was at home about five miles northeast of Sandy when she heard noises coming from her back porch. Upon investigating the noises she opened her rear door and found the bear feeding on sunflower seeds stored in an aluminum garbage can. The bear swiped at her, injuring her on the arm, foot and thigh. The bear then ran off.

At about 3:00 a.m. early Monday morning, the bear returned but was scared off by the woman's husband who then called police. An OSP Fish & Wildlife trooper and two Clackamas County sheriff deputies responded to the couple's home but could not find the bear.

The woman suffered scratches and a puncture wound. She initially treated herself, and later sought medical attention at a local hospital.

Wildlife biologists from ODFW are working with OSP Fish & Wildlife troopers, and the USDA Wildlife Services to place a bear trap near the area of Coalman Road, northeast of Highway 26.

Because of the recent increase of bear and human encounters, ODFW reminds residents to not feed bears or any other wildlife. Feeding bears - even unintentionally by leaving garbage bins accessible - habituates them to people and makes them a public safety risk.


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