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Oregon Adopts Blacktail Management Plan

November 21, 2008.

From the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife:

On November 14, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted a Black-Tailed Deer Management Plan, Oregon’s first-ever long-term strategy to manage these deer found west of the crest of the Cascades.

“Black-tailed deer are one of the most popular big game animals to hunt, a sport that generates millions for the economy,” said Marla Rae, Commission Chair. “This plan will improve understanding of this important game animal and its habitat needs.”

Last year more than 72,000 people pursued black-tailed deer during the general rifle season. A 2003 study found that black-tailed deer hunting in Oregon generates $35-60 million in net economic benefits.

Black-tailed deer are secretive and tend to live in dense forests, making them difficult to survey. ODFW has used hunter harvest, wildlife damage reports, plus many years of survey data to manage the black-tail population in Oregon. The plan will build upon this work while improving both data collection methods and understanding of black-tail habitat needs among landowners and public land managers. As with other species, hunter cooperation and reporting will play a key role in management.

The Commission is the policy-making body for fish and wildlife issues in the state. The seven-member panel meets monthly. Agenda item exhibits may be requested by calling the ODFW Director’s Office at 800-720-6339 or 503-947-6044, or by visiting ODFW’s Web site.


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